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The wide application of Matson wood-plastic

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    In recent years, with China's new urbanization continues to advance, protect the environment, promote the healthy and rapid development of landscaping industry, and adhere to the intensive, energy conservation, ecological sustainable development has become an important and urgent task. In order to meet the needs of the new urbanization construction, green environmental protection of the new composite materials are gradually used in landscape. The "wood" as a kind of energy saving, environmental protection, recycling, low carbon new material, with its unique wood texture, waterproof, mothproof, not easy to deformation, with the advantages of long service life, rich colors, has gradually become the preferred material in modern landscape engineering. "Wood" a wide range of applications, can be used for decorative wall panels, outdoor floor, guardrail column, steel Pavilion, garden fence, garden fence, Wai leisure benches, tree pool, flower etc.. This mission will highlight several applications in landscape engineering in the wood.

Revetment railing

    Wood plastic waterproof, moisture-proof, anti mildew, easy to deformation, easy maintenance and other advantages, can be used in the wet and water environment landscape revetment. Wood plastic composite material does not need routine maintenance, the service life is longer than ordinary wood, and its simulation of the visual effect of logs, to meet people's pursuit of nature.

For landscape floor

    Wood flooring in the landscape villa and other outdoor platform, not only to show the character of wood, and its rich color collocation and landscape plants can be coordinated, meet the pursuit of innovation and the landscape designer.

Hydrophilic platform

    Wood plastic composite materials in parks, lakes, wetlands and other water based attractions, combined with landscape pontoon bridge, water trails, viewing corridors and other designs, more ecologically show the natural properties of the hydrophilic platform.

Park bench

    With its unique visual effects and changeable design, the plastic wood leisure bench has gradually become a beautiful landscape in the urban landscape. It not only brings convenience to people, but also meets the needs of low-carbon environmental protection of new urbanization.

For the flower, tree pool

    Wood flower, tree pool in the modern landscape construction, to better show the original ecological landscape effect, wood with its rich color can be dotted landscape, so that people can good to hear or see.

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