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Rapid development of wood plastic composites in Southeast Asia

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    According to the American plastics news report, investigation report of Austria AstaEderCompositesConsulting company recently released "2011 Southeast Asian WPC market", from now until 2015, Southeast of WPC smaller (WPC) industry is expected to maintain growth at an annual rate of 10%, output will reach 55000 tons.

    The report said that the Southeast Asian countries, the wood industry is still relatively small, compared to China's timber market capacity of about 1 million tons. However, the growth rate of 2008-2011 in Southeast Asia has exceeded that of Europe, which is quite similar to that of europe. In 2008-2011, the Southeast Asian wood production reached 34000 tons, the survey is expected to show rapid growth in the future.

    The report said: the European wood plastic market experienced 6 years of development, in 2005 reached this figure. In the past four years, the development of the Southeast Asian wood plastic market in the import and export and output growth rate exceeded the growth rate of Europe in 2000-2003.

    The report said that the Asian wood industry, the application of a wide range of areas, in addition to decorative panels, but also including the door frame and window frame, wall panels, wall panels and pallets.

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